Things That Make a Man Attractive

Every man is attractive in their own way. To most women, a man who is sure of himself, knows who he is and what he wants is probably the sexiest thing in the world. So what are some other traits that make a man attractive? Here are some ideas. . Smile A great smile is one of the greatest attraction of a man. It breaks a woman’s resistance and allows her to relax around you without any verbal language. This is why a man who is generous with his smile is guaranteed to be maintain a women-magnet.

Masculinity What most women first notice are a your physical assets, but what lingers in their mind is your masculinity. It’s in the way you move and talk that keeps a woman’s eyes on you and creates her instinctive feelings of attraction. . Confidence Confidence makes a man. Show her your male confidence and that you’re self-assured, never backing down from any situation. Make her feel protected. There’s just something about a commanding vibe and aura of authority that women seeking men can’t resist.
Eye contact A man who knows how to have eye contact is a man who knows how to communicate. It’s the best way to show that you’re listening to Como saber se ela está afim de você what a woman is saying. It also makes a woman feel special and cared for. . Aromatic sense If a man looks good and smells even better, women are bound to swarm around him. . Having a sense of style It’s not the clothes that make a man sexy, but how he carries his apparel with confidence and ease that does.